More intelligent than ever “Siri on iOS 11”

More intelligent than ever “Siri on iOS 11”

There are a lot of exciting improvements in iOS 11 in WWDC 2017 among which ‘Siri’ is the best. With these updates now apple stood in front line among its competitor Google, Microsoft, Amazon in virtual assistant. Siri now produces more natural voice, support third party integration in apps, translate languages and both talk and type with better UI than before. Here are some of its best new updates that could change the way we use virtual assistance.

1. Translation
Siri in beta now supports translation feature to 5 different languages i.e. English to Spanish, Chinese, German, Italian, French with more languages combination coming soon. This translation feature in virtual assistance would change the way we communicate with different nationalities.

2. On Device Learning
Siri now uses machine learning to be more predictive about what you would expect next based on what were your queries before. The learning gets sync to all the iOS devices i.e. iPad, iPhone and iPod but the transfer is end-to-end according to Apple.

3. Natural Voice
According to Apple, Siri’s new male and female voice are more natural and expressive unlike its competitors virtual assistance voice sounds like robotic. Siri is now powered by deep learning and use previous searches and queries to suggest in future. Like, if you search for your favorite music, it will look up to your previous record of band and music and play for you.

Siri Wave Form
Image Via Apple

4. Both Voice and Type Support
Keeping in consideration, many of the user use their voice assistants in private settings than in public, Apple new updates in iOS 11 would have one great feature to those shy users with type support. You can type what you want to get in Siri.

According to Apple, Siri can support more third party integration which is good news for developers who are eager to use virtual assistant in their apps. The stable updated version of Siri would be available later this year.

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