LTSP e-library monitoring @lele, Lalitpur, Nepal

LTSP e-library monitoring @lele, Lalitpur, Nepal

LTSP(Linux Terminal Server Project) e-library or electronic library is project initiated by Help Nepal Network (HeNN) in Nepal. More than 30 e-library  had been deployed till now with the student volunteers from Kathmandu University(KU) and Pulchok Campus(recently). Being involved in this project for around 3 years, I have found a lot of benefits to the government and rural schools who were deprived of IT world. Under this project, we were deploying a powerful server with 10 thin-clients. Here is my experience of those two days  which I wanted to share with you about this monitoring.

Friday, 27 Nov, 2015
Volunteer Invoved: Saugat Bhattarai(me)(Team Leader) and Amit Gupta from KU , Anish Shrestha and Ankit Shrestha from Pulchok Campus
Departure time and place: 9:30 from Lagankhel bus park

Unofficial blockade of India and shortage of fuel made our travel to Lele(Tikabhairav), Lalitpur on bus hoot. We reached to Buddha Madyamik School @10:30. Then, we entered computer lab. As we entered we rather saw the lab as garbage yard of books rather than well-managed computer lab. We were informed by Anish brother(project A) that the site was badly managed and system was not working properly for long time. The information was 100% correct the system was used for only 3-4 days after deployment and the teacher who took responsibility of this LTSP system left this school and the lab had been unused for around 4 months. At first, we were totally confused from where to start , only 3 clients were working and we saw problems everywhere . Lab was full of dust and poorly managed, so we started disconnecting everything from switch. Thin-client , monitor, mouse , keyboard and server all were kept separately and priority was set to clean the room to make it like computer lab. Then, we started to check every CAT6 and found 1 CAT6 not working. so, we marked it and kept it for re-clamping purpose. Then, we assembled the e-library again as like fresh deployment. After our 8 machine working properly we started training students and teachers about LTSP e-library contents. Help Nepal E-library contents contains interactive learning games, OLE contents , APF contents , Khan Academy video, and many more useful for primary, lower-secondary and secondary level students. After 4 o’clock Thapa sir and Puskar sir took us to PIA park and Leprosy Hospital. We ended that day with camp fire in school premises with lots of good talks.

Saturday, 28 Nov,2015
As promised, Puskar sir arrived school at 6:30 am and with our hands rubbing our eyes we started our journey to Saraswati Kunda , near Lele bus park. We visited that area for around 1 hour and returned to school. That day challenge was to make all thin client functional at any condition. so, we started our work of replacing monitor of one thin client which has shown thin lining problem in the screen. After an hour of work and clamping one point all the system started to work properly. Although, its saturday we have informed interested students could come and take training.
We trained for 3 hours that day and departed from school at around 1 pm.

This was my first experience of getting involved in such a nearest site from Kathmandu but I have been able to collect lot of fun and experience from this monitering.

Student playing with the contents
Teaching students of Buddha Madyamik School about the content
Student of Buddha Madyamik learning eagerously

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