Can’t Install “gparted” From Terminal

Can’t Install “gparted” From Terminal

Sometimes, its not a piece of cake to install application in Linux although its is already in its default ppa. I have been using linux for 4 years and I recommend this is the best tool for managing partition. Here is how you normally install gparted in ubuntu 14.04 LTS (my version of OS and also works on other debian distributions).

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gparted

Sometimes you have to add the exact version of the gparted tool. Eg.

sudo apt-get install  gparted=0.18.0-1


sudo apt-get install --reinstall gparted=0.18.0-1

It works fine if the required dependencies for the specific version is installed in the computer. Also, to search the application via the command line:

 apt-cache search gparted

or use pipe and grep gparted to narrow down the results.

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